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Welcome to this site! My name is Ryk Human. I am from a beautiful town called Paarl in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Here is a photo of myself

I am a down to earth, somewhat shy kind of guy who loves the outdoors, like making a fire, like to sip a glass of something while the sun is going to sleep, watching movies with my loved one, loving spending time with family and friends.

My mission is to help people to live better lives by promoting quality, practical, well written and presented products that will help them with specific problems, challenges or needs they might have or experience. These products comes in the form of courses, videos, e-books or email weekly courses. Whether you are experience needs with health, wealth or personal challenges there might be a product that can help you with whatever your challenge are.

At the top of this page in the menu list you will find all the products I have on offer at present in the “Health Products”, “Personal Development” and “Wealth Products” sections. Click on the one you are interested in and it will take you to short descriptions of each product. Each one have a link that will take you to their promotion page. If you like to purchase one there are various directions to click on which will take you to the sellers pages.

There are also 2 other sections on the menu list called “Useful Tips” and “Inspiration”. In these sections I share with you useful tips to handle everyday life challenges and also inspirational quotes to help you get some food for thought as you went through your day.

Feeling down and out and like to climb back in your bed? There is also a “Smile” section in the menu list where the idea is to make you smile by sharing with you jokes and funny things!

My brother Riaan myself at Roes & Skroef Exclusive Rustic Furniture also design and manufacture to your specifications value for money strong & heavy exclusive, unique, multi-purpose and affordable rustic wooden furniture in various sizes and finishes which is strong, looks good, are exclusive to us and which you will find nowhere else!

Contact us at Roes & Skroef: 0218632371, 0835143382 / Whatsapp, Paarl, or e-mail RoesSkroef@telkomsa.net  for quotations, orders, any questions you might have or our latest exclusive pricelist with photos and measurements.

Download our latest price list directly here: http://batheleur.com/roes-skroef-rustic-furniture

Click The YouTube Roes & Skroef Link Below To Watch A Video of Some Of Our Products:

My hope is to reach as much possible people in need of solutions. If you are a first time visitor my hope is that you will revisit this site, http://batheleur.com/ as I am planning to add new products, inspiration, quotes and something to smile about on a weekly basis!

Go well and be blessed


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